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Improved cane translates to increase in income for farmers

The improved performance at the sugar mill will translate into a good pay day for sugar cane farmers. Mac McLachlan, Vice President for International Relations for the BSI/ASR Group says the cane payment for this latest crop is among the best that the industry has seen.

Mac McLachlan – Vice President, BSI/ASR Group
“The latest cane price estimate was a shade over $57.00 and looking back if you look back over a longer term period that is one of the highest cane prices that the industry has had. There were a number of years in 2011/2012 when the cane prices were very high due to some circumstances in Europe which made the prices very high but apart from that over the longer term this is actually a good cane price. Obviously as we’ve said we have to really consider the next few years where that won’t be the case and how we can best protect ourselves and the sustainability of this business moving forward.