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Improving the Public Service with Guiding Principles and Policies

The Public Service conference is in progress with discussions surrounding a charter for the Public Service Commission which seeks to draft best practices to improve public administration. The drafted document is a regional document across CARICOM and will be presented in Freya Parham-August for government approval.


“This morning we are having one of several focus group discussions to discuss a charter for Caribbean public service. It is a regional initiative borne out of CARICOM however it emanated from a Ministerial Conference held in July of last year where the best practice of CARICAD and CLAD which are two regional organizations, one responsible for Latin American Countries and CARICAD being responsible for looking at administration and how we improve public administration. So the discussions that we are going to be having here this morning is to look at a draft charter. That charter is actually a document which provides guiding principles and concepts and policies in terms of how we can improve the public service. It would be presented to the heads of government in July of this year for it to be supported. It’s a regional document so this draft document is actually in circulation across CARICOM jurisdictions where public administration are looking at harmonizing efforts and taking best practices and sharing expertise in terms of modernizing and having the public service be more citizen centered.”

The document will help the Public Transform and harmonize says August


“It provides guiding principles and concepts so with the implementation of this document we are hoping that you would see the modernization and transformation within the public service move forward in a more harmonized way because like I said it’s not only for Belize it also supports the administration of the CSME which you may know is also a regional initiative so that is more or less how we expect to see it.”

August also spoke about the participants who are making the discussion possible and helping to implement the regional draft.


“With heads of departments and deputy heads as well as administrative officers across the public service so it’s to get the feedback from the internal customers at this point of the public service and that is the group that we are looking at discussing today. Yesterday we had a discussion with the public service union and tomorrow we are hoping to have a discussion with the private sector in the form of the chambers as well as the BAS group and the Economic Development Council as well as the experts in public administration namely Galen and UWI.”

Senior Trade Economist and Directorate General for Foreign Trade, Richard Reed spoke about how his ministry is collaborating in standardizing the Public Service to operate at the same level as other Caribbean Countries.


“What we are doing is really consultations on a draft charter for the public service of the Caribbean countries. This is something that has been going on for some time as a requirement but this present one was just recently done. Basically we have an obligation under the treaty to put something like this in place for the public service. This one what we are collaborating on is that my Ministry is responsible for CARICOM and international trade and this is basically one of the CARICOM issues so we are trying to put together some system that the entire public service across CARICOM will be operating on the same level with respect to the rules and procedures. We are modernizing the systems and basically putting all that is required for the CSME to work and for the public service to be more efficient and modernized.”