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Inauguration Date Set for Forward Operating Base

In December of last year, the Ministry of National Security called out the media to the entrance of the Sarstoon River- on a plot of land where ground was broken for the construction of a forward operating base. This event was preceded by the dramatic confrontation between five boats carrying Belizeans and Guatemalan navy ships in August last year. The Belize Territorial Volunteers who led the expedition has been clamoring for a forward operating base in the area. While, National Security Minister, John Saldivar said that the Government’s plan to construct a base in the area had nothing to do with what they BTV wanted, they saw it fit to construct it. Construction has been happening for a little over a month now and CEO in the Ministry, Retired Colonel George Lovell gave us an update.


“I think there was a visit that was done recently by the Honorable John Saldivar to the Sarstoon Island for the operating base and that was made public. I can report that we have scheduled for inauguration of that base the 11th of April of this year.  It is on time and it is progressing quite well and we are looking forward to having that base inaugurated on the 11th of April.”


“Can you say whether or not the engineers have any problems with the construction of the base on that specific piece of land ?”


“Not really I think the structure that is being erected lends itself to be erected there without any engineering concerns or problems because of it’s sheer weight. It ‘s a wooden structure, it’s not a concrete structure and I think that the ground itself supports it quite well.”