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Inauguration of Schools

Four schools were inaugurated today down south. The construction of two primary and two preschools in the Stann Creek and Toledo Districts were recently completed. The Government secured a grant valued more than two million dollars from the Caribbean Development Bank under the bank’s Basic Needs Trust Fund Programme for the construction of the schools which will facilitate the enrollment of 700 students. Minister of Education Patrick Faber told us more.

Patrick Faber – Minister of Education

“First of all it’s a fulfillment for me because it was a few months ago or maybe a year ago that I came to break ground for both of these projects; the school in Trio and also the school in Santa Cruz and to go from pushing a shovel into the raw earth and now seeing completed buildings and facilities alive with the students is a tremendous accomplishment. So it is a great feeling of fulfillment for me. In these areas of the country there is rapid growth and of course over my time as Minister of Education I’ve come to all of these areas to open buildings already and so to come back and do even more now is a testimony that things are moving in a forward direction, there is growth, there is the government answering the needs of the people and I am happy to be a part of that. The Social Investment Fund continues to work in fact every tranche of their investment sees a significant portion of the monies being used for education but as I mentioned in my remarks there is also the CDB loan monies that the Ministry of Education has gotten outside of what is funded for SIF projects, CDB also funds SIF. There is a lot more to come and as I mentioned there are 34 more schools that are in the pipeline those will soon start in terms of construction and I look forward to breaking ground and opening all of those buildings across the country but particularly here in the South where are seeing massive growth in terms of those who are attending school from the early childhood level all the way up to tertiary we are seeing growth and that for us in an impoverished area of the country spells that development and betterment is on its way.”