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Inclusion of Belize into Guat Map Is Fake News, Says Elrington

In recent weeks, there has been the story of Guatemala looking to incorporate a portion of Belize in their maps upon the recommendation of a consultation.  That report surfaced following the circulation of a document supposedly coming from a consultant, Edmundo Rene Urrutia Garcia that was contracted for one year, according to the document.  At the top of the two page document that has been circulating, this 2-page report seems to be for the two week period, January 17, 2017 to January 31.  At face value, it does seem like a legitimate document but according to Foreign Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington it is being regarded as fake news.


“Let me tell you that as far as I am concerned it’s fake news. I think there are people in Belize and not only outside of Belize who know that anything to do with Guatemala evokes a lot of passion, certainly in certain elements amongst certain elements in Belize and so from time to time they come up with things which they think is going to cause some kind of alarm and concern, we have heard nothing officially about that. Alexis was there with me in Guatemala when the news came out he had heard nothing about it and he is our man there, our eyes and ears. But in any event two or three years ago you had China was including all the countries in the region in its stamps and as part of its territory, these things happen, it’s nothing to get scared about, certainly the sky is not falling in. What is important is that we are certain to our own position and we are focused on the resolve to consolidate our position, to any dispute and to continue to live harmoniously in a region and at a location that we’ll never be able to change.”


“But was it an issue that you did look into that you or perhaps ambassador Rosado did look into to ensure that it was not?”


“We have had no indication that any such thing exists. We don’t go after false rumors and the like, if anything like that happens its going to come out one day and if it comes out one day then we are going to deal with it when it comes out but we are busy with other more pressing issues and we don’t tend to get a kind of knee jerk response to these kinds of things that is not our style we tend to be much more deliberate and calm and careful. We don’t think it is necessary to alarm the Belizean public that doesn’t help.”

While we have been unable to ascertain the authenticity of the document in circulation, we can tell you that the consultant on the document has served Guatemala as its Ambassador to London as far back as 2006.