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Inconsistencies With the Special Select Senate Committee

The Senate hearing into the auditor general’s report began in November last year. Six senators sit on the committee. Most of the senators have been absent for at least one session and in the case of the PUP Senator, Eamon Courtenay, when he is absent, Attorney Michelle Chebat sits in for him. We’ve seen that when UDP Chairman, Senator Salazar is absent, Senator Elena Smith or Senator Mark Lizarraga would usually fill in as chair of the committee. Some critics are of the view that the interchanging of committee members will affect the legal standing of the committee’s final at the end.


Personally I don’t feel that we should interchange Senators I have my own views legally. Practically though I can say that it makes the process more difficult when we interchange because certain decisions have to be taken every week and then different persons are not here. I’m not saying that its deliberate I’m just saying it makes the process a little more difficult if we then have to catch up to speed and move forward with new senators. For my part when I am unable to be here I haven’t asked that anybody else is appointed from the government’s side because I feel that it is not necessary. But even so despite my views about it we haven’t I haven’t really put up any objection to it because really I want this business to move as smoothly as we can and come to an end to it where there is no need to quarrel over that.”

The Senate Select Committee takes a break for the month of August.