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Incorporating Belize/Guatemala Issue into Curriculum

Some weeks ago, via a press brief, the Belize National Teachers Union spoke of their plans to lobby to the Ministry of Education to incorporate or in some cases, re-introduce the subjects of History and Geography into the curriculum with a keen focus on the Belize/Guatemala issue.  We are yet to get an update as to whether the union has made a move in that direction; however, we can tell you that it is an effort that the Education ministry has already embarked on as explained by Chief Executive Officer, David Leacock.


“To the first question about a formal request, I haven’t seen one yet. That doesn’t mean they haven’t sent it. To the issue of incorporating this issue into the Social Studies curriculum, I think we are already on top of that. We’re already looking at how that can be done; Quality Assurance and Development Services to the curriculum work. They are currently engaging in review of the social studies curriculum with that end in mind as well as other things to strengthen that Social Studies curriculum.”

The effort by BNTU is part of their national campaign launched in April, entitled, ‘Stand Up for Belize’.