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Increased Budget to Improve Judicial System

Monies are reportedly being sourced to improve the judicial system. 

Having less than two months in office the Briceno administration is looking at restructuring the way things are done in Belize’s courts.  Attorney General Young explained that the government is looking at specialization judged.

Magali Marin Young, Attorney General: “Prime Minister Briceno has committed to increase the budget for the Judiciary and the view is to resource the Judiciary, improve the infrastructure to create a hall of justice for the Judiciary and to give it the importance, the role that the Judiciary plays. Prime Minister Briceno has committed to restructuring the Judiciary at the Supreme Court level, we will be having specialized jurisdictions. A jurisdiction for example that specializes in constitutional and public law matters, one that specializes in family court matters, in commercial matters on the criminal division. The view of restructuring the Judiciary this way is the belief that with specialization judges are able to become more knowledgeable and experienced in a particular field and that should lead to more efficient processing of court matters and delivery of judgments.”

While Prime Minister John Briceno has announced that the country’s economy is in the deep red, monies are reportedly being sourced to improve the judicial system.  Attorney General Young says the increased budget is needed as many of the court rooms and judge’s chambers are roach infested and deteriorating.

Magali Marin Young, Attorney General: “What we’ve inherited is a very under-resourced Judiciary and we have dilapidated buildings that are moldy, we have the Orange Walk magistracy operating out of a Mennonite building, we have leaking roofs in the magistracy, in the Supreme Court. I was once cross examining a witness and water came down pouring on that witness while cross examining that witness in the Supreme Court so we’ve inherited a dilapidated and under resourced- well dilapidated infrastructure for the Judiciary and under resourced. As Prime Minister Briceno has signaled the government is for want of a better word broke and so we find ourselves with a neglected Judiciary and many other parts of government and having to find resources to improve but we have to, we cannot just allow the Judiciary to continue under resourced and further weaken it. So a lot of emphasis will be on strengthening the Judiciary through appointments and also the infrastructure.”