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Incubator Grant Agreement to Enhance Technical Capacities of Female Agro-Business Entrepreneurs

Young female entrepreneurs in Belize’s Agri-Business will be receiving assistance in strengthening their technical capacities.  An agreement was signed with the beneficiaries of the Agri-Business Technical Incubator Grant Program and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Enterprise and the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).  The Agri-Business Incubator Grant Program is a pilot project geared at providing agriculture-based enterprises with consulting services.  These services are meant to assist them in accelerating their business development process.  Project Coordinator, Silverio Marin, says the entrepreneurs will be able take advantage of the opportunities in the local in international food system and enhance future business operations.

Silverio Marin, Coordinator, Business Incubator Project: “There are three different mechanisms that we’re using to achieve this large outcome to assist the government. The first one is that we’re creating a business analytics system and this is work that has started and is ongoing. Likewise we have what we are celebrating today the technical incubator and the work that has been done with the entrepreneurs to get them to a stage where they can formalize thier enterprises and also to help them to grow. And of course we have to include a governance framework that would enable this kind of system, the pilot, to then be rolled out across the country. That is the the third output that we seek to achieve through this project.”