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Independent investigator still an option, Ahmad family says

The family’s concern is that the Police will not carry out a proper investigation. At a meeting with the Ahmad Family and senior officers of the Belize Police Department along with Home Affairs Minister, Wilfred Elrington, it was suggested that the family hire a private investigation. The family’s Attorney Richard ‘Dickie’ Bradley says that option is still being considered.

“The information from one of the leading figures in the Muslim Community is that it will be a question of finances in relation to the particular person you just mention but the door is not close on that angle. The direction of the family is that first of all the information that is coming to their attention which you have just heard at length clearly explained that oh there must have been some of connection or relationship because they have video footage which the family has looked at that video footage over and over. Unless its Gasper the ghost that is on it there is no sign whatsoever of Fareed or the young lady at all. It’s a shocking thing when they told that to me the; the second thing is as you know the family complied with the investigation request against my advice they turned over their telephone that belongs to Fareed and they were present when the equipment that is used to get into telephone was used in their presence and there was not a single telephone call either received or made within a long period, not one date or two date, they went back for months not once neither from this young lady’s telephone or Fareed telephone so it would be a strange relationship where at no time say meet me at the alter in your white dress or whatever it is so the point is that right now the family is grappling with how it that so many major errors have  in the investigation itself because they have taken the point that the Minster of Police had said he is open if you can, in fact, make some contact and him specifically named the Muslim community. There are other options that in fact are being looked at and those will be brought to the attention of the Minister to see if in fact, he is amenable to some kind working relationship between investigators and the local investigators but that does not in any way exonerate who all are responsible as Tahira had said. Their mandate is to investigate and I have just heard something that put me to thinking that if in fact they are making those kinds of serious mistakes publicly then what the family has said is “oh my goodness we probably see the case goes to court and fall down if that is what is going to happen” because they are here in any vendetta , they are not here to get into a confrontation with Police, they just want justice, somebody has died mysteriously under mysterious circumstances and they are just asking to help us to bring closure. That is where that situation is so the door is not closed on the matter. There will be some recommendations and suggestions to the powers that main regards to how if there is a need to have collaboration between local investigators and foreign or outside of the Police of the Belize investigators so that is in fact still actively being pursued.”

Fareed Ahmad was a well-known barbershop and a respected member of the community.