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Indian Communities Celebrate Festival of the Lights (DIWALI)

The Indian communities around the world are today celebrating an event they call Festival of the Lights or Diwali.  Love News met up with Milan Hotchandani who told us about this traditional event in her culture.

According to Suman Hotchandani, during the Diwali celebration, the Goddess of Wealth is prayed to and recognized.


Nimmu Hotchandani, a senior woman in the Indian community told Love News that prayers are a very important aspect of the Diwali celebrations.

These three Hotchandani women all agree that the traditions of their culture are one that they cannot afford to have their younger generation lose or forget.  In an effort to pass on the values and beliefs in their children, several avenues are used.


Most Indian homes are decorated at this time using flowers, coloured rice, sand or chalk as well as lights.  A Diwali Ball is planned for November 21 in Belize City.