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Infant Bitten by Rat Sparks Rhetoric in House of Representatives

Two weeks ago a rat bit a new born baby while in an incubator at the Western Regional Hospital. Today during the Telecommunications Acquisition Settlement Bill 2015 debate, Area Representative for Toledo West, Oscar Requena brought up the topic saying that government needs to spend money on preventing these things from occurring rather that paying millions of dollars for their mistakes. His statement prompted a very sarcastic response from Michael Finnegan , the Area Representative for Mesopotamia.


“Mr. Speaker one would believe that issues of national sovereignty and integrity would be a national priority. One would believe that issues of our health system where just in the last few weeks we saw the terrible situation at the Belmopan Hospital where a young baby was being bitten by a rat, that those would be national priorities. Now they will come to the house and argue well this is not costing the Belizean people it’s the company but at the end of the day if we own the utility company whatever monies are taken those are monies that can be put into the education system to ensure that all our children have their relevant textbooks, that is money that can be put into our health system to make sure that rats are not biting our children in hospitals, Mr. Speaker.”


“A rat ended up in the thing and bit the baby; we are sorry for that but it’s not Barrow who sent the rat in the place to bite the baby. It’s not Finnegan who sent the rat to bite the baby.  The hospital in Cayo is run by the public service, some public officer is in charge of maintaining and keeping the hospital or maintaining the competence of the hospital that is not doing his job so what are you going to do, lash Barrow for that? You think Barrow took the rat, took it in the incubator, dropped it in the incubator and told the rat to bite the baby? You don’t glorify that, all of us must get up and try to say that we must make sure that these things don’t happen.”

Authorities at the Western Regional Hospital said they have taken measures to prevent such occurences.