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Infant Dies Out West

A woman in San Ignacio Town is having a hard time coping with the sudden death of her one-month-old son. The infant was left in the care of a babysitter on Friday, but by the end of the day, the child passed away. Unconfirmed and preliminary reports are that the babysitter may have been rough with the infant which led to his death. The incident occurred on Alvarado Street in San Ignacio Town, Cayo District. Love News spoke with the baby’s mother Elizabeth Garbutt who was evidently distraught that her child did not get to grow up and enjoy life.

Elaine Berry, Cayo Correspondent: San Ignacio Police are investigating a sudden deaths that occurred on Friday April 30. According to reports, thirty eight year old Elizabeth Garbutt, a resident of Cahal Petch area here in San Ignacio reported that she left her three children, namely one month old, Mahir Roches; two, Jazir Roches and four year old Jayden Roches  in the care of their babysitter Blanca Ruiz, a resident of Georgeville Village. Garbutt stated that she placed a call to the babysitter just before one o’clock to check on her three children when Ruiz told her that they were all okay and that one month old, Mahir was sleeping. Later that day Garbutt returned home and went to check on Mahir and found out that he was motionless. Garbutt then administered some help, but the baby did not respond. She then took him to the La Lumaluz Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Baby Mahir’s body is now at the San Ignacio morgue awaiting a post mortem.

According to Garbutt she reported the matter to the Police just after six o’clock on Friday evening, but the authorities are now awaiting the results of the post-mortem to see if the babysitter will face charges.