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Infighting Continues at the Belmopan City Council

Internal struggles at the Belmopan City Council continue today. Love News has been informed that the Minister of Local Government Oscar Requena has written to Belmopan Mayor Sheran “Sharon” Palacio over prolonged differences between several councillors and herself. In a response letter to Minister Requena, Mayor Palacio says (quote) I have and continue to expect full support from my Blu7 team of councillors; however, I have insubordination at just every turn, my authority is constantly undermined, my character was maligned by allegations of impropriety and I find myself being cyber-bullied by Centrium Bit by Bit and Habenero News known PUP party loyalists’ Facebook pages.” (end of quote) Palacio says that she has attempted a consultative approach with councillors who she says continue to obstruct development. She says that the councillors have no interest in peace as she has called meetings but the councillors have refused to attend. Palacio also says that most councillors have failed to produce a work plan. In the letter, Palacio tells Minister Requena that Councilor Guadalupe Chicas reportedly removed employees’ files from the council. Palacio writes (quote) Under the guise of leaving the country indefinitely for health reasons, she urged me to advance her salary for two months and to schedule the special meeting held on March 9, 2022. Based on that premise her portfolio was restructured; however, in less than two weeks the Councilor was seen around the City and as I discovered, the special meeting was orchestrated with a hidden agenda to undermine my leadership.” (end of quote) Things got heated on Monday, April 4 when according to Mayor Palacio, “three renegade councilors on-site with the temerity to ambush the City Administrator in her office demanding a response to their imbecilic ‘LETTER OF TERMINATION’.” (end of quote) Mayor Palacio says that those councillors were disrespectful to the Office of the Mayor and acted outside of their purview by writing such a letter. Palacio stresses that the councillors’ actions demand sanctioning and she will not be intimidated. According to Mayor Palacio, these councillors are acting on someone else’s agenda. There has been infighting at the Belmopan City Council for months. We have also heard about a male councillor continuously disrespecting women councillors.
We are told that the hierarchy of the People’s United Party is not happy with the infighting that’s happening at the Belmopan City Council. Love News asked Caribbean Shores Area Representative, Kareem Musa about it.Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs: “It’s very concerning, I don’t have an update in terms of that. I was only aware of it a couple months ago. I’m told that there were meetings with the executive of the party along with the councillors and the mayor. So, again, it’s something I wouldn’t want to comment on because I don’t have an update on that.”