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Information on the Ministry of Foreign Trade now made public

The Directorate for Foreign Trade launched a new website on Thursday. Through the website, the Directorate gives the public and stakeholders easier and quick access to its activities and policies. CEO in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce, Amparo Noble Masson spoke of the new website.

Chief Executive Officer, Amparo Noble Masson:

“The website for us is a big step forward. The ministry has been making efforts because it realizes that it’s important to have all the information relating to the Ministry and particularly the Directorate General for Foreign Trade to share it with stakeholders and the general public. The Ministry and the Directorate have been working very hard, have been doing a lot of work and making a lot of progress in areas of trade and so on and the general public is not really aware of what we are doing. This website will be the platform for which we will be sharing information on a consistent basis.”


What do you see will be the benefits of having this set up?

Chief Executive Officer, Amparo Noble Masson:

“Well I think the process of consultation is very important for us in terms of determining what our direction is and so it will allow us to hear from stakeholders and the general public their thoughts and views and it will allow us to share with the general public and stakeholders the opportunities that exist I think that is one of the primary areas that we would like to explore further because we realize that there are lots of opportunities that potential entrepreneurs, producers, developers can take advantage of and that information is just not out there the way it should be.”

Andy Sutherland Acting Director general for foreign trade and Berisford Codd of the CSME Unit at the Directorate General for Foreign Trade also spoke of the website’s importance and features.

Acting Director General for Foreign Trade, Andy Sutherland:

“This website is critical for our department, the mandate that we execute for government is that of trade policy formulation and trade negotiations and of course trade agreement implementation so that basically implies a heavy consultative agenda, a lot of information sharing. The website would seek to assist us with getting that information out to the general public and also to our stakeholders to have them more privy to pertinent information that would assist them to take their trade agenda, their business development process forward given the access to information that is pertinent to them.”

Reporter: Talk to us about the website, what are some of the main features.

Berisford Codd, CSME Unit:

“Well we have on the website some of the main features that we have are the media and resources features is one of the most important parts of it, we provide infographics, trade date, publications, we provide a host of other information to both private sector persons and to the general public so I think that is one of the areas that really stands out. There is the history of the trade agreements that we have, the current status of the trade agreements to really give members of the private sector a sense of what is out there and what are the opportunities. We will also be uploading information on the Common External Tariff request the CTE as it’s popularly known to show our traders in Belize what are the opportunities available in CARICOM.”