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Infrastructural Works Ongoing Countrywide

The visible infrastructural works or activities have slowed down significantly both in Belize City and on the highways.  The absence of works being carried out, however, is in no way an indication that more works are not needed on many other streets and thoroughfares.  Love News met up with the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Works, Errol Gentle, who spoke on ongoing works as well as projects in the pipeline that will be coming on stream.


As you know we had the Northern Border project where the access road to the border, the border facilities were upgraded. That has been completed. We had some work being done through Orange Walk and Corozal Town itself, that was done through Central Government. The cementing and hot mixing that has been completed. We have the sugar roads project where we were doing the sugar roads in both Orange Walk and Corozal just before the opening of the cane season that is ongoing and almost completed. We have what is called the climate resilience project but that is being done under the world bank and we will be putting in drainage and culverts and resurfacing the highways, that will be from the airport junction to mile 25 and a half on the Phillip Goldson Highway, that is in the pipeline. We have signed a contract for section A of what is known as the fifth road project which will see the upgrading from the airport junction to the Haulover Creek bridge, that has been signed with Cisco Construction. That entire fifth road project also entails the replacing of the Haulover Creek Bridge and then the upgrading from the bridge all the way to the Belama round a bout so that is in the pipeline as well.”

As it relates to the villages, Gentle says residents in the rural areas can also expect works to take place.


We are working on village roads at the moment throughout the country. We had some problems in Toledo where residents were calling concerning the Barranco Road, a couple of the other roads down there and we are working on those roads as we speak. The same thing in the Cayo District. In the Belize district we are doing some work right now on the Grace Bank Road and the Isabella Road.”

Meanwhile in Belize City, there are several streets that are in dire need of rehabilitation.  These works, however, fall in the purview of the Belize City Council and not the Ministry of Works.


Chief Executive Officer for Works, Errol Gentle.