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Injunction granted for halt to destruction of houses in Maya Mopan

Today an injunction was granted to the residents of Maya Mopan, whose homes were destroyed by the Belmopan City Council and Recondev. Attorney, Michel Chebat represented the residents of Maya Mopan and was pleased with the outcome of the decision made by the Supreme Court.

Michel Chebat – Attorney

“We filed an application on Friday on an ex-parte basis to stop the RECONDEV and the Belmopan City Council from the continued destruction of the homes in the Maya Mopan area in Belmopan.  That application was heard by the Supreme Court this morning and the ex-parte injunction was granted the injunction will last until the 5th of October and is expected that the RECONDEV and the Belmopan City Council will appear in court to make submissions in relation to the injunction. Four homes were destroyed. I wouldn’t called them squatters, many of these people have been living there for over 12 years and under the law they have certain rights and so I would not classify them as squatters.