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Injured on the Job at ESSO; Limited Help from Social Security or Former Employer

Forty five year old Sheldon Dennison was on our newscast last year. He told us the story of being a worker at the Esso, which is now known as Puma Energy, on Caesar Ridge road. He worked maintenances on oil tanks. He had to stop working at Esso in 1993 because he was injured on the job. Dennison says that he fell off a forty foot oil tank that damaged his spine. Since then he has been suffering and has trying to receive help from social security. He claims he has been unsuccessful in receiving payments, except of a payment of less than two thousand dollars. Dennison has come to the public for help now because he says he needs surgery.


“My situation is not something that I’m recovering from it’s something that is becoming worse to me and to be frank right now it’s like I get worse because I used to get around without a cane and now that is what I have to use to balance myself. Short distance I don’t really have a problem without it but if I should go from here to the street corner I will need it because the balance is not there. So I’m just waiting to see what will be the outcome of that situation. In my situation personally at this moment my surgery is my main concern because every day it’s something¬† that gets worse. Sitting down is complicated, standing up is complicated, laying down is complicated. I could have slept on one side now and now I can’t sleep on either side.”

Dennison spoke of things that he was able to do but can no longer do. He explains that the surgery which would cost about fifty thousand dollars would not only mean a lot to him but also to his six year old daughter.


“I’ve tried all options to do what I can do. It’s not as if I could get around like one time because now getting around off my feet is hard. One day I’m moving around and the next my feet start to blister and catch infections. The way I see it right now the only way I can get my assistance is by asking the Belizean public for a donation to help me out so that I can do my surgery. My surgery is not all about me I have a six year old, that is not my only child I have others. The things I used to do I can’t do anymore. I was used to do sports and other activities, these things I can’t do anymore because of one error.”

If you would like to help Sheldon Dennison you can contact him at 653- 1157 or you can make a donation to his St. Johns Credit Union Account number 34539.