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Inmates graduate from Rehabilitation Program at the Central Prison

The Kolbe Foundation saw the first graduation of its newest program, the Remand Rehab Center. The program focuses on rehabilitating inmates who are on remand for more than a year. It is a program which inmates voluntarily subscribe to. Virgilio Murillo, CEO at the Kolbe Foundation says that the first course saw 32 inmates graduating.

Virgilio Murillo – CEO

“We had a total of 32 that graduated today. It was a 9 month program all together it goes in what we call modules or phases. There was a phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3 and the completed all three phases so they graduated today. It offers training, theoretical in nature and it talks about the healing and restoring of the mind. It teaches the process of thoughts, what creates your thinking and that sort of stuff, it breaks the cycle of gang violence which is critical especially bearing in mind what is happening on the streets today. It also teaches the inmates how to map a path of life of recovery and freedom. It educates them on their release and reintegration, it looks at things such as stress and anger management, they look at conflict resolution, it teaches them personal values and responsibility and that kind of stuff. At the end of the day it’s not a program that we force them into, it is something that they need to volunteer to take because you really can’t change somebody they have to make the decision to make that change. We can only offer them the tools and the opportunities and it is up to them to take advantage of the opportunities that the prison has to offer.”

Other inmates have joined the program which runs for nine full months. Murillo says they plan on continuing the program annually.