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Inquiry Revelations Used to Strengthen Immigration Systems

To date there have been twelve interview sessions done by the Special Senate Select Committee regarding their digging into the Auditor General’s Report for the period 2011 – 2013.  The interviews conducted have cast shadows over the department but according to Minister Beverly Williams, they are listening to the inquiry sessions and they are using it to improve the systems that exist.


Minister Williams says that while she is listening keenly, she will not be casting aspersions on any of her staff members.


While the minister says she will not be casting aspersions on any of the public officers within the Immigration ministry, we asked her if there is a case where she wants to carry out transfers of persons from her department, or are her hands tied in doing so.


According to Chairman of the Senate committee, charges of any wrongdoings can only be brought by the Belize Police Department upon the issuance of a final report.