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Inspiration Center celebrates Fun Day

Known for treating and rehabilitating children suffering from diverse disabilities, the Inspiration Center held its fifth annual fun-day today where they hosted a myriad of family, children, friends, and volunteers who all came together to socialize as they played various games, met new friends and sang to joyous music. Today Love News spoke with Dr. Agnes Joseph who was previously the Medical Director at the center who explained what the Inspiration Center is about and how the annual fun-day, benefits families and children.

Dr. Agnes Joseph Previous Medical Director Inspiration Center: The Inspiration Center is what I consider to be a pioneering institution in the sense that it provides multidisciplinary care for children living with disabilities in Belize. Providing not only therapies but medical care and also implementing that families are a part of the therapy process so they could carry out the activities at home with children as well.. All our Fun Days have been very successful because the kids end up having a great time and all of our activities here are not only just for fun but the’re also therapy at the same time.

Dollis Whyte, a parent to a child who has autism, has been a part of the Inspiration Center since 2012 when her son was diagnosed at one year and eight months. She shares her experiences of how the center has helped her and her child.

Dollis White Parent: I think it is very beneficial because this is the only place you can come to get help when you are faced with a child with Special Needs. In the sense that they said that; they said I have a special need child. When they told me from the beginning I felt like I was lost but when we came here they gave  us information. We know that there is hope because with the speech therapy; it gives them a sense to communicate and with the physical therapy give them a sense to walk. When I came here my son didn’t walk and now he is walking, he is running.

The Inspiration Center also had two special invited guests, Christopher Young, the upcoming journalist and Joseph Weight Jr. the football player, who both represented Belize at the Football for Friendship Program in Russia, to socialize and play games with the children.