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Institute of Mexico celebrates Women’s Month

The Institute of Mexico continues to celebrate women’s month. Today it held an open dialogue titled “women’s empowerment for their professional development. Invited guest speakers were Joy Grant, Governor of the Central Bank of Belize and Sharon Young, CEO in the Ministry of Labor, Local Government and Rural Development. We spoke with Ambassador of Mexico to Belize Carlos Quesnel Melendez and Ambassador Joy Grant.

Carlos Quesnel Melendez Ambassador of Mexico to Belize: “We had the participation of two outstanding women: Ambassador Grant and CO Jhong who shared their thoughts and experiences with us in what women can do to have success in life and there is no limit to them and we are very satisfied with this kind of exercise. I think it is very important to share these experiences of ladies who have been very successful in life to the younger generations. We are planning to invite a President of the Mexican National Commissions and she just took over on the post with the new administration but we hope that she will be here soon in Belize to share also the experiences in Mexico.”

Joy Grant Governor, Central Bank of Belize: “I decided that the main point from what I would say today is to tell women that they have all the requirements, all that is needed for them to accomplish anything they want to but they have to realize that there are challenges and that they will have to make sacrifices along the way. You may have set a path for yourself but circumstances dictate that you should go another way and you have to be willing to look at that and to make that move. I had to do that many times deciding to study, deciding to stay on and study even more but I wouldn’t change anything and I would encourage many persons to set your goal as high as you can. If you don’t really reach that goal you will certainly reach near to that goal and be a better person for it.”

The Embassy of Mexico held an event last week to observe international women’s day on March 8.