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Integral Health Care Shuts Out Gunshot Victim

After Troy Coleman was shot he made a desperate attempt to save his life by running to the closest clinic in the area. However when he arrived there, he was locked out of the clinic. Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke about the actions by the staff of the institution and what he intends to do.


“I will say this and I would hope that you would broadcast what I say now. After the shooting took place, Mr. Cole ran to the Universal Hospital which is right nearby and when he went to the hospital he was refused medical treatment at that hospital. He was put out and the door was locked on him. He was left outside to bleed until the police vehicle arrived and took him to the hospital. That is unprofessional of a medical institution. Doctors and medical institutions have a legal obligation to treat injured persons who they come into contact with. I’ve said to the administrator of the hospital that I am going to write them about what took place today because it is a shame. It ought not to have happened. The least they could have done was to stabilize the patient and then transport him to the KHMH but to refuse him medical treatment and put him outside and lock the door was unprofessional and it cannot be tolerated especially in a place like Belize where at the end of the day, the government would have still foot the bill; they would be paid for it so what they did was uncalled for and it must be condemned.”

The ACP also spoke about what repercussions they could face.


“I would hope that the Belize Medical Association would look at it and see what could be done to prevent anything of this sort from occurring again because like I said before, it should not have happened and I am upset about it; it should not have happened.”

Troy Cole’s Aunt also spoke with Love News about that moment when her bleeding nephew was shut out of the NHI Clinic.


“So when we ran, he was running for help in the NHI Hospital but they pushed him out. They didn’t want to let him in and all he was crying out for was for help because the hospital was the nearest place but they refused him. They pushed him out. Same time the police and everyone came on the scene. They pushed him out. He was talking good and everything so I don’t understand how he died.”