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Integrity Commission Still Non-Functional

The FIU’s discussion on The Morning Show was not limited to the banking system and marijuana. The subject of the Integrity Commission was brought up. It is a commission that was initially setup by the previous administration but it turned out to be a non-functional and toothless organization as its mandate to oversee the integrity of persons in public life was never carried out. In the normal course of things, Director Clare said that the FIU and the Integrity Commission are expected to work together. So far, however, it has been a challenge as the Integrity Commission remains nonfunctional.

Kent Clare, Director, FIU: “The system is designed a particular way and I think many people are not aware that, for example, we have a thing that’s called the Integrity Commission which has not been functional for, my God, for so many years and now finally. “

Troy Gabb, Host, The Morning Show: Thanks for mentioning that. 

Kent Clare, Director, FIU: Yes there’s a, no, but if you look at the commission, it’s not just described on paper as being some kind of straw man. It’s supposed to be something. “

Dr. Rene Villanueva Sr., Host, The Morning Show: It has teeth you know but it doesn’t use its teeth. 

Kent Clare, Director, FIU: Well I mean, for a while, all it consisted of was a secretary and so the intent is that these persons should make declarations. These declarations should be examined by that commission. They should have an auditor with an accountant and attorneys and so on with them and be able to bring some kind of, uh, the person should actually account for these types of things. Why is it that I’m reporting assets worth $50,000 and then obviously I can’t, you know, in the public domain you can see a million dollars. So what we are to do, the FIU’s role is to work closely with the Integrity Commission on things like this just as we work with the police on complaints that are made. Without mentioning any names, you would have seen in the news, certain political figures are wanted for x, y, and z. A complaint has been made to the police. The police will come to the FIU. We can access within a couple of days, sometimes within the same day, banking information for that person and so on, so we cooperate closely with the police on things like this. But the fact is, you have to have the system working on all eight cylinders for you to see any kind of traction with this kind of thing. And I know that this is concerning to the public and oftentimes there’s the perception that it’s the FIU but no. The way how the law is structured, you have competent authorities for various things and so we’re to work together to make sure of course, and oftentimes, don’t assume that no work is being done. It’s just that a case is being made and eventually it’s presented to the DPP.”

Recently installed as the Chair of the Integrity Commission was Attorney Andrea McSweaney-McKoy.