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Integrity Commission to Conduct Investigation On Montero’s Corruption Allegation

The Police Commissioner is not the only one who received a letter from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.

The Police Commissioner is not the only one who received a letter from the Ministry of Infrastructure Development.  Love News received a copy of a letter sent to the Integrity Commission for them to carry out a parallel investigation into Montero’s declaration of assets.  Minister Julius Espat who has been adamant over the years in pushing for full functionality of the Integrity Commission told the media today that

Hon. Julius Espat, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Housing: I think we have been speaking about the Integrity Commission for such a long time and nobody has been paying any attention to it. The Integrity Commission is designed so that the public officers and the elected officials declare their assets upon becoming elected so that there is a record as to what they own and at the end of the day when they demit office a comparison can be made. But the Integrity Commission also covers malfeasance in government meaning the misuse of government resources for private gain and there’s a lot of documentation on that and there are penalties involved in that. So Minister Montero was a member of the House of Representatives, he was a past legislature and therefore the Integrity Commission covers the responsibility that he was supposed to have and there are clauses, there are penalties that are in the Integrity Commission that can be exercised. And that’s why the recommendation and the information that we produced within the Ministry- you have to understand we are not attorneys, we are not the Commissioner of Police, we are not the DPP, we are not the Attorney General, we are not Chairmen of any Integrity Commission we are public servants trying to come to the bottom of a problem so we are testing the different institutions that are supposed to assist the people of Belize when it pertains to oversight. And so we sent information to the Integrity Commission which is one angle to take, we sent information to the Commissioner of Police which is another angle to take and we have sent information to the Attorney General which is another angle to take. This is done so that we can make sure that we do things right and that the people’s resources are recovered and that the necessary penalties that are within the laws of Belie be applied but we cannot determine if that will happen that is up to these oversight institutions to determine. We will provide the necessary information.”

Police Commissioner Chester Williams spoke on the involvement of the Integrity Commission when it comes to the criminal investigation.  Williams told Love News that since receiving the letter he has touch based with the head of the commissioner.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police:If you look at Section 22 of the Corruption in Public Life Act it do speaks to where public officers would use public resources in order for their personal gain or for the gain of others that such public officer would commit and offence and so based on the declarations that I have read I am seeing evidence of such and I believe also that the Ministry of Works have also sent a letter and a package to the Integrity Commission so it is only fitting that we conduct both investigations paradelle with each other so that we can see how we go with that matter.”