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International Day of Older Persons

Today is being observed as International Day of Older Persons.  Presently, older persons account for six percent of Belize’s population. Ix-chel Poot is the Executive Director at the National Council on Ageing; she says many of these older persons are the backbone of their families.

Ix-chel Poot – Executive Director, National Council on Ageing: “Our older population is still living within homes, within communities  and very often these older people form the basis of their family structure. Older women who are still providing home care, child care, cooking, domestic task that working professionals are un able to do for themselves. Very often older men who are receiving pensions, their pensions are still contributing to the wellbeing of their children’s family as well just because of the general set up so you are looking at all of these unpaid labour or unrecognized contribution that older people continuously make within their family and that’s what we are talking about when we talk about older person being back bone.”

The National Council on Ageing is set to have a conference on financial planning for the ageing on Thursday, October 4.