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International Youth Day theme: "Transforming Education"

The Department of Youth Services is dedicated to transforming the lives of our youths who will be the future leaders of this country.  The Department does this by holding various activities to keep our youths positively engaged and in so doing help them reach their full potential. Today, the Department of Youth Services held an Open Day in commemoration with International Youth Day celebrated under the theme “Transforming Education”.  Renata Samuels, the Communications Officer, said that the department offers practical ways young people can learn.
Renata Samuels – Communications Officer, Department of Youth Services: “At the main office today we basically have our barbering classes, our hairstyling classes, we have  our Art display and we have keyboard classes. Everything we have been doing throughout the summer as well as overall in the department. We are showcasing it, we have a small business, we have the BPO’s out here too taking applications and giving information so it is a day that the young people can come in and really just tour the department, see what we have to offer, see our different partnering agencies and really get to see what is out there from the Department of Youth Services.”
Kris Miller, CARICOM Youth Ambassador, explained that youth groups can also benefit from the Department’s services by registering with the Department on its website.
Kris Miller – CARICOM Youth Ambassador: “Today we are launching the Youth Directory and also the Youth Group registration so when you register to the youth group you automatically go to the directory, so the directory is a hub where you can find all the youth groups who are registered. It is like an easy way to find youth groups in your community, in your area so it has created a kind of google map situation. When you go on you will see the country of Belize and they will have different icons depending on what organization you are looking for. It is just like a hub for finding youth groups in Belize. There are organizations who give out money. Maybe they don’t know what organization they want to give that money too. They can easily come on the youth directory and find something different, more to their needs. Maybe they are looking for environmental youth groups, maybe your youth group or NGO is not as big as other environmental groups out there so maybe when they go into the directory and they type in environmental they can say oh there are more than just this one youth group I know that deals with the environment and that kinds of create an opportunity for your youth group to get funding. On the registration, it has contact information, a little background on your youth group and everything so someone can come and be like okay actually read what you guys do on the youth directory and you will be able to get funding and different stuff like that.  ”
Coinciding with the open day, was the launch of the Department of Youth Services website.