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Intervention Follows Friday’s Shooting and Murder

Following Friday’s two murders, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams conducted meetings and interventions as part of the preventative measures.  Williams explained how that intervention went over the weekend.


“We did have an intervention myself, Ms. Finnegan and Nuri Muhammad sat in two intervention groups and the objective there was to be able to deescalate the tensions that existed between the two groups and at the end of the day I must say that the outcome as to what both groups were saying was good and I must say that the intervention was requested by them, both groups contacted myself and Ms. Finnegan and said they wanted us to intervene because they were not feeling too comfortable with how each other was moving and based on that we activated we had the intervention and we will see how committed the are to their words, they made commitments that they would cease fire amongst themselves and would try to live more peacefully with each other but even though they have said that we maintain our presence on the ground and continue our vigilance just in case things do not work out the way they said the police will be there to curb any situation from occurring.”

ACP Williams says he is cautiously optimistic when it comes to the commitment of cease-fire from the criminal elements.


“Even though they made those commitments we are not putting down our guards. We are on the ground to ensure that if they do not live up to their words that we will be there to prevent anything from occurring as much as we can but I am a person I believe in being optimistic and I remain cautiously optimistic that they will hold true to their words and they say sometimes all a man has is his word so we will see how that works out.”

On Friday, four persons were injured and one man was killed as a result of gun violence in the city.