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INVESTBelize Launches Its 5th Publication

The fifth volume of the INVESTBelize Magazine was launched today in Belize City by the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service, BELTRAIDE. This year’s, ‘Belize, Your Competitive Hub for Investments’ was chosen as this year’s theme. General Manager Melanie Gideon, explained.


“We decided that this was the most appropriate theme because the companies that we are seeing more and more setting up shop in Belize is using a lot of creativity in how they design their businesses and how they deliver their products and services so again it was just showcasing all the innovative companies we have in the country so far. Technology is key whether technology is the enable to delivering the services or if technology is the service that these companies are doing. Like I had mentioned one company using technology via the BPO industry to teach English as a second language to students in Korea or how Government is using technology to make itself more transparent and accountable. How we are modernizing and the concept of modernizing means you incorporate technology in various forms in your business. Technology doesn’t necessarily have to be the high end technology you see in Silicon Valley but technology just means that it’s more efficient than you did before so that is the full gamut of the term technology we are celebrating because how do we use technology to harness small farmers in PG. So in the magazine the feature article is the BPO that is using online technology to teach students as a second language and another feature is how the Ministry of Tourism through its various statutory bodies is improving the airstrips in Belize so that we can move people and goods more efficiently. We are featuring how government is using technology to make this more transparent in various forms of the industry and even customs, lands so be efficient, be accountable, be transparent.”

The Invest Belize Magazine was originally launched in 2012.