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Investigation Continues Into Fire that Killed Aaron Gabourel

On October 4, 11-year-old Aaron Gabourel died when his home went up in flames. The fire was ruled as arson and three weeks into the investigation, no one has been charged. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, gave us an update.


“Currently the information we have been receiving is conflicting and we have detained two individuals in respect of that matter, we subsequently had to release them because of lack of evidence to be able to charge. What we are doing, we are currently awaiting a report from the fire expert to ascertain the cause of fire. We know initially they had said to us, there was an interview given by one of them where they had said that there was no sign of any flammable chemicals used but since then we have come across certain things which we believe do have flammable chemicals and we have sent those to the lab and we are waiting for a report to be able to tell us what type of chemical or fire accelerant is on those pieces of clothing that we had submitted and I know that the fire department has been involved as well to help us to be able to ascertain the true cause of the fire because we want that when we put something before the court that we have evidence to back it up. So whenever the investigation is completed or when we think we have sufficient we will send¬† the file to the DPP and we will ask her guidance in respect to that matter.”