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Investigation into death of Baby Woodeye Continues

Earlier this month baby Dion Woodye died after receiving what the family is referring to as poor treatment at the Corozal Community Hospital. The mother, Leah Miller said that the nurse on duty at the emergency ward told her there was no doctor on duty and that led to hours of wasted time that eventually had some effect on the passing of her child, Dion.  Love News spoke to the Director of Health Services Marvin Manzanero who says that contrary to that belief, the investigation so far shows that a doctor was on duty.

Marvin Manzanero Director of Health Services: “There have been two deaths associated to Diarrhea cases, one was last year and one was in the news maybe about 10 days ago. Minister Marin was in Corozal today because of a staff meeting. There have been some changes made from our initial investigation. We were waiting on the autopsy report, we have gotten that and we have some questions in terms of what the autopsy report has. One of the changes that I know is going to happen as of next week is there is a training session that is going to be conducted for an entire week with the Baller College of Medicine from the US. They are coming to do training for frontline personnel in terms of how you triage emergency cases and we hope to have nurses, Doctors and frontline health personnel trained in that one week session and that starts next week and again when we are there on the ground we will be interacting directly with the management and be there to see what other changes can happen.”

Jose Sanchez: “While looking at that specific case was there a doctor on call? That was in the information that the mother received.”

Marvin Manzanero Director of Health Services: “There was a Doctor on call, there was a Doctor in the emergency room however from the preliminary investigation it doesn’t seem that he was alerted that there was baby with Diarrhea so it seems that the nurse didn’t pass that information on but the Doctor was in the Emergency area of the Hospital. We have all our A & E at the community Hospital and are always staffed with a Doctor.”

Love News understands that the family is seeking legal advice.