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Investigation Launched Into Teacher/Student Sexual Encounters in Cayo

San Ignacio Police and the Ministry of Education are investigating allegations of sexual misconduct by a teacher. The allegations are that a teacher at Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School in Santa Elena, Cayo, was sexually involved with a female student at the institution for at least two years. But the allegations go further, suggesting that the teacher was sexually involved with at least three other students. The investigation into the matter, from what we have gathered, began about two weeks ago. The Ministry of Education only became aware of the situation about a week ago, and we are informed that on Tuesday this week, the Ministry’s office in San Ignacio, Santa Elena received a formal complaint against the teacher from a relative of the girl. Today our news team was in San Ignacio/Santa Elena and we spoke with the school Principal, Erodito Pineda who preferred to comment off camera. According to Pineda, they became aware of the situation when they heard rumors of the affair between the teacher and the student, who is eighteen years old. The student was in second form and the teacher taught her at least one subject. Pineda says that on May 26, the teenager was called into the office where she denied the allegations. That same day, her stepmother visited the school to ask that the girl be excused as she needed to go to Mexico for medical treatment. We are told that shortly after she returned to the country but did not return to school. Pineda further stated that on May 30, they called in the teacher, who also denied all the allegations. In following school procedures, the teacher was given an oral reprimand and warned that if any proof surfaced to support the allegations, it would be forwarded to the proper authorities. Almost two weeks after, on June 13, the teacher handed in his resignation letter which we are told by Pineda is yet to be reviewed by the institution’s board. Pineda adds he has not received any other report of the teacher having an affair with other students and no parent has come forward to file a complaint. He goes on to say that no representative of the Police Department, the Ministry of Education or Human Services has visited the school to investigate the allegations. Pineda says that this is the first time a scandal of this nature has surfaced at the institution in his thirteen years as Principal. There were no prior complaints against the teacher before this. Officials at the Education Center in Cayo told Love News that the Ministry has launched a full investigation and that a counselor attached to the Ministry is part of the investigation. If found guilty, the teacher’s teaching license will be revoked, even if he has resigned from the institution.