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Investigations Continue into Former Minister of Works

The investigation against former Government Minister Rene Montero remains unresolved despite having been forwarded to the Police in early January.  Expressing frustration on the delay in the investigation was Minister of Infrastructure Development, Julius Espat.  According to Espat, several pieces of equipment were unaccounted for when he took over the ministry which Montero once led.  

Julius Espat, Minister of Infrastructure Development and Housing:I am like you and every other Belizean we’re just tired of waiting so maybe I’m a little bit – maybe I don’t have the patience enough to wait the necessary time but I think three, four months is a lot of time. We presented all the information- this is how it happened we presented the information to the police department. Commissioner Chester Williams and I must give him credit, did the investigation, gave us investigators, was prompt to respond to any calls that the ministry made, was prompt to do his work and that work was sent to the DPP. The DPP took approximately amount of time and wrote back to the Commissioner saying he needs more information. The Commissioner jumped on it again and they are in that process. I believe from what I understand that the final aspect of that will go back to the DPP again hopefully next week and then we will wait again but you won’t hear the end of it because I won’t give up. I am not interfering in the process I am just voicing frustration when compare that to a little young boy on the street corner smoking a little weed and right away they bangles him and throw him in jail. You don’t need no investigation, you don’t need no DPP, you don’t need nothing he gets bangled and he’s in jail and the worse part the young boy has no money to post bail and so he stays there for years until somebody decides – you understand me how frustrating that is for human rights and that’s what I compare it to.”

After this interview last Friday with Minister Espat we sought an update from Police Commissioner Chester Williams. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “That investigation is going well I must say there were a number of documents that we were waiting for from the Ministry of Natural Resources as well as from the Ministry of Works or Infrastructure and Housing and those documents have been received, the file should be going back to the DPP sometime this week for further directives.” 

We will keep following the outcome of this story.