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Investigations into Alleged Corruption At Ministry Of Immigration

There is yet another investigation that seems far from being concluded.  This has to do with the final report from the Special Select Senate Committee surrounding alleged wrongdoings at the Ministry of Immigration.  Our newsroom sought an update from the Police Commissioner on this investigation.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “That investigation is still ongoing Renee. As you would know the Senate Select Committee report is a very lengthy one and it does require significant time for the police to be able to go back and interview all those persons who were mentioned in the report to record statements from them as well as to be able to obtain the relevant documents that we would need as evidence to prepare a prosecution and so we’re still going through that process. Madam Director of Public Prosecution has also assigned an attorney from her office to the team with a view to ensure that as they go along we are crossing our T’s and dotting our I’s. So I anticipate that within perhaps maybe the next two to three months we should be able to present the file to the DPP and we await her guidance thereafter.”