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Investigative team to look into Allyson Major’s death

The death of 36-year-old, Allyson Major has left Belize reeling, since his death has been regarded as unwarranted and unnecessary fire power from police. Major was shot in the head, reportedly, over 4 ounces of weed. The officers involved in the incident reportedly saw him picking up a package from a residence on George Street and then began to pursue him. Major reportedly threw the package out the window, but police continued to chase after him until they arrived near the swing bridge, where the fatal injury was inflicted on Major. Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams agrees that it was excessive force used in this incident. He also said that an investigative team in order to ensure that there is no cover up.

Commissioner of Police – Chester Williams:I have put together an investigative team. That team is headed by Senior Superintendent of Police Ms. Susett Anderson. The team also has members of the Ombudsman Office. I spoke to the Ombudsman this morning and he appointed a person from his office in the person of Ms. Winnie Parchue so she is a part of the team as well. I also spoke to Mr. Wesby and he has appointed Mr. Martin Griffith as a representative of the Independent Complaints Committee. There are several things that need to be done, for example, we are still awaiting the ballistic results. We have sent the expended shells that have been recovered from the scene and during the post mortem today I was briefed that a slug was removed from the brain of Mr. Major. That slug will be sent to the lab tomorrow morning as well and with the expended shell as well as the slug it will tell us which officer fired the fatal shot. I will task the legal advisor to ensure that he goes around and trains officers in terms of that policy because like you said there may indeed be a need for us to ensure that we don’t only have the policy but that officers are aware of the content of that policy as well and Mr. Broaster is indicating to me that they have already commenced the training where the use of force policy is concerned.”

ComPol has indicated that if the investigative team needs to review statements, re-interview witness, or re-visit the crime scene, they will be facilitated. ////