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Investigators Probe Into the Murder of BDF Soldier

On Sunday we reported of a body found on the coastline at the centre of Punta Gorda Town.  Since then, investigators have identified the body as being that of a Belize Defense soldier.  As we hear in this report from Paul Mahung, investigations are underway into the circumstances.


“Police in Punta Gorda continue investigation into an incident treated as murder. The lifeless and partly decomposed body of 27 year old BDF soldier Orlando Rash was found on the sea shore location in between the Punta Gorda Big Wharf and Market Wharf in the central section of town. Officer in command of the Toledo Police Formation Assistant Superintendent of Police Clement Cacho said that the incident is treated as a homicide.”


“With reference to the decomposing body that was discovered on Sunday the 26th of June 2016 sometime in the morning a post mortem examination was conducted later during the course of the evening and into the night by Dr.Kent. The body was removed from the scene and taken through the VOA road in a secluded area where the examination commenced. The conclusion of the examination the doctor certified the cause of death to be facial blunt force traumatic injury. The body was identified as Orlando Rash , 27 year old BDF soldier of San Felipe Village Toledo district. As a result of the post mortem examination this matter is being dealt with as a homicide.”


“After the post mortem wife Orlando Rash confirmed that the body of her husband BDF private Orlando Rash was laid to rest Sunday evening at the Punta Gorda cemetery.”