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Investigators Say Recent Murders Are Linked; One Person Has Been Charged

Yesterday’s second murder victim was nineteen year old Devin Parham. Parham was heading home from socializing with his cousin when they both came under fire on Cemetery Road. Parham’s cousin fled the scene unhurt however, Parham was not so lucky. He received multiple gunshots and died on the scene. Today, Assistant Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says with the help of an identification parade they were able to charge one person.

CHESTER WILLIAMS: As it relates to the suspect of the shooting of Devin Parham we just completed and identification parade and the suspect has been identified and the police are currently laying charges against Valentine Baptist. He has been charged for murder, attempted murder and aggravated assault.”

Assistant Commissioner Williams says both murders yesterday are linked and they are collaborating with Eastern Division North in their investigation.

CHESTER WILLIAMS: We do share information a lot and I must say that myself and Mr.Goodage we do have a very good communication network between us and even with the shooting yesterday on north side we communicated quickly because it was people from south side who went and did the shooting on Castle Street then people from north side came and did the shooting on Cemetery Road so we do have coordination between us and it is important that that coordination continues. So to say that we are not communicating that is not so and even when it comes to the rural Mr.Broaster has also shared with me information that he had received and when I receive information that pertains to rural I would share it with him as well. When it comes to our work we do have a very good line of communication.”

Back in 2014 Parham and two other persons were shot by a gunman on a bicycle while they were socializing.