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IOM assisting Belize with National Migration and Development Policy

In June, the International Organization for Migration, IOM, conducted a study on migration in Belize. Today, the preliminary findings of that study were presented to key stakeholders. Love News spoke with Marcelo Pisani, the Regional Director for Central America, who said that a final report will be made based on the findings.

Marcelo Pisani, IOM Regional Director, Central America: “The Government of Belize will be able to develop an action plan to address the challenges and opportunities of migration in Belize so this is a government led process,we are providing technical assistance. Basically we are promoting orderly legal and dignified migration.”

We also spoke with Edmund Zuniga, the Chief Executive Officer of Immigration, who said that the findings will be used in the development of the National Migration and Development Policy.

Edmund Zuniga, CEO, Ministry of Immigration:Feeds into development of policy as to how we treat migrants. There’s in most countries there is some arbitrary treatment of migrants and so having a policy is going to ensure that that guides what we do and how we do it. Like you said equal treatment, there is predictability as to what is expected of me as a migrant when I come to Belize, what is my responsibility, do I require some special permit in order to be able to do so and so ? Those are the kinds of questions that the migrants will be able to respond to once we have a policy and our own officials will be able to guide people properly.”

The workshop was held at the Belize Biltmore Plaza.