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Is Belize City Council facing financial problems?

Is the Belize City Council facing financial challenges? The Council’s Public Relations Officer Shane Williams told the media quote, “the city council is definitely not in financial trouble and salaries have not been consistently deposited late.” End of quote. According to Councilor and Mayoral aspirant, Dion Leslie, the council is going through its low season.

Councilor Dion Leslie

“This is our low season, this happens every year. We have this discussion every year with the media because slow season comes, in the past it was about our sanitation companies and not meeting the payment for sanitation companies; we haven’t had that for donkey’s years now so you do know that we are in our slow season but we do offer discounts to bring in that extra cash flow but it’s not ot the point where the City Council is completely broke or that we are not able to pay our employees- you may struggle now and again but it’s not to the point where we are closing down. Yes we do offer the discounts to bring in that additional cash to deal with other things but we are meeting our recurring expenditures, we are meeting payroll, we are working with the sanitation companies so you can see it right here we are in our slow season and come ending of October going into November you see it start to pick up.”