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Is Chester Being Punished by Superiors?

In recent weeks we have been telling you of the shuffling taking place in the Belize Police Department involving the high ranking officers.  Like we told you previously, of note is the removal of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, who currently has command of the south side of Belize City and who has engaged in numerous community programs and youth intervention.  It is a move that many has opposed and today, we got the same sentiment from Cayo South Area Representative, Julius Espat.


“I won’t get into the police restructuring, I can say one thing  I think Chester Williams has done a good job when it comes to community policing, that kind of policing does not show immediate results that is a long term plan and now you are taking him away and sticking him behind a desk because maybe you don’t like that the man is outspoken or is trying a new method well I think that is a sad thing but I don’t know enough of the internal rumblings of the police force to be that critical. I hope they get their act together, I hope the commissioner doesn’t say he doesn’t listen to TV or read any books or listen to anything on the radio and seem surprise whenever anything comes up, that is totally unacceptable. As the commissioner of police he should be the one knowing the situation before everybody else and so I don’t believe in this excuse of ‘oh I didn’t know.’ I mean come on but Chester Williams has done a good job and he is an intelligent police officer and he is educated and he understands the legal aspect of policing also and so at least perception wise it doesn’t look good. It looks like you’re taking one of your best men and sticking him behind a door. You know in the old days when you weren’t liked they would send you to PG in a village where you would have to walk 50 miles through water as a punishment; this seems to be the same scenario.”

The transfers of the senior officers as well as over one hundred junior officers will take effect at the start of July.