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Is Chief Justice unable to Handle his Case Load?

Chief Justice Kenneth Benjamin was supposed to hand down the ruling in the Gaspar Vega versus Ramon Cervantes case today. This is according to a projected schedule for delivery of outstanding judgments by the Chief Justice published earlier this year. That did not happen, as we have noticed with other judgments scheduled for delivery. As we have reported, the Bar Association of Belize gave the Chief Justice an ultimatum; to delivery judgments in a timely manner or resign. Today we asked the Prime Minister for an update.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow

“I hear anecdotally that he has been delivering judgments and I don’t know that there’s anybody helping him. He rejected the notion of retired judges coming from abroad he is obviously a proud man and he said no well that happens what’s to stop people from thinking that the judgments are not really his? So as far as I understand what he is producing he is producing entirely on his own and hallelujah.”

The Bar Association became concerned after 28 judgments became outstanding for the period between two to five years.