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Is Cruise Tourism Heading Down South?

President of FECTAB David Almendarez, says that the government is looking to expand cruise tourism to the south. This, he says, is concerning because it would mean that Belize City will lose business. 

David Almendarez, President, FECTAB: “I am hearing by this Friday, this Friday this will come out to be passed in law for them to start to explore the possibility of expanding the cruise ship port down South. I don’t know if I’m wrong but I believe the learned Minister of Tourism represents the people from Pickstock.  Am I correct or wrong? He is from Pickstock correct? Pickstock is a place in Belize City ? I don’t know if the people of Belize City are aware or Mayor Bernard is aware that every time a cruise ship pulls up out there you get paid $1 US per person whether or not that person gets off the ship or doesn’t get off the ship, that is how the City Council makes money. I don’t know if the learned Minister of Tourism knows that people from Pickstock work at the tourist village. I don’t know if Cordel Hyde knows that people from Mahogany Street work at that tourist village. I don’t know if Shyne Barrow that brought Buju Banton knows that people from Amara Avenue and Euphrates Avenue work ever tourism village. I don’t know if the Belize City people if your eyes are open and know what is catching you. I’m not the smartest one in the bunch but that is telling me once that law passes if any cruise ship that is coming to Belize City right now doesn’t wanna come here they can go to Harvest Caye.”