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Is PUP Looking to Boycott Upcoming Bi-Elections?

As stated yesterday by the Leader of the Opposition, Francis Fonseca, the powers that be in the People’s United Party would be meeting today to further discuss the matters surrounding the now vacant Dangriga seat in the House of Representatives and how they would be moving forward.  The media camped outside Independence Hall this afternoon but there isn’t much we were able to gather from the National Executive members.  Here is how it went as they exited the PUP Secretariat.


Love News has been reliably informed that the PUP may be looking to boycott the upcoming bi-elections in Dangriga.  As we understand it, that was one of the burning issues discussed in the meeting.  As we mentioned, we did try getting comments from the usual outspoken executive members and while those they refused comment, the Party Leader did share a few words with the media.


“We had an internal meeting of the party and there is no statement we are prepared to make at this time. We have some follow up meetings in Dangriga the next day or two and when we are finished with that we will brief the press on those meetings and discussions.”

PUP’s Chairman of the Southern Caucus, Oscar Requena, also granted us an interview where he spoke of assessments being done in Dangriga which will be followed by another meeting.


“I think the party leader made it clear reference that matter. An assessment will be done and he will be speaking to the media on that matter in a matter of a few days.”

Also granting the media an interview was Past Party Leader, John Briceno.


“I think we had a frank and brisk discussion today about the bi-elections and the National Executive decided that we are going to have an assessment and we’re going to go down in Dangriga and have an assessment, discussing with the executives, candidates and other people; other supporters of the party as to how to move forward for the election next month. We’re not saying that the party does not want to participate but what we are saying is that its best we go down to hear and to listen to our supporters there in Dangriga before we make any decision whether we move forward or not.”

As you heard, the party is in assessment mode and whether or not they will be partaking in the upcoming bi-elections in Dangriga, is anybody’s guess.  Tomorrow in our newscast, we will share with you the interviews with both Requena and Briceno who spoke to us on how the Ramos matter was handled by the party.