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Is Ray Davis out as senator for the unions?

The last time we heard about Senator Ray Davis is when the Second Vice President of the National Trade Union Congress of Belize, Audrey Matura Shepherd, publicly expressed that he would no longer represent the unions in the Senate. That was a few months ago and today we got an update from the President of the NTUCB, Marvin Mora. On July 1 when the Petro Caribe Amendment Bill made its way to the Senate, Davis was absent. But from what we were told back then, the NTUCB was not given prior notice of his absent. But this month, it came to light that an email had been sent by Ray Davis to the NTUCB two weeks before his absence.  Today, President of the NTUCB, told us that a decision on Senator Davis’s fate has been made.

Marvin Mora – President, NTUCB

We looked at the entire issue and we gave Senator Ray Davis a lot of room for him to be able to explain his situation in regards to that absence and also he had the opportunity to do that in front of the entire congress. We gave him an entire meeting to do that and after hearing from him, after all the issues had been exhausted the union had to come back to make a decision. That happened this Saturday, I can tell you though that that was not an easy decision given the fact that this is one of the very most elemental functions that we have in the country in terms of governances to have somebody in there as a senator so the reality is that for the congress it is not easy, it is not an easy decision but the congress had to make a decision based on the facts on the ground and based on the presentation and the rendering of the facts that brother Ray Davis also made. I can’t tell you that a decision has been made but it would be unfair for anybody to make any pronouncements until the union has done due diligence to its membership so for right now I’m going to hold on those comments and once I know that due diligence has been done I will contact the media so I can tell you what more or less was the process utilized and what was the result that we got out of that but a decisions has been reached by the congress.”

And While Mora would not say, reliable sources told Love News that Ray Davis will no longer be the Senator Representing the unions and that decision has been forwarded to him via email.