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Is the SOE Successful?

In a week and a half, the State of Emergency in the Saint Martins Area of Belize City will expire. The SOE was enacted to address the spike in gun and gang violence in the area. We asked Police Commissioner Chester Williams if the SOE has been successful this time around. 

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “I think the media can report on that themselves. You have seen the results since we had the S.O.E. Since the mass detention, we have detained only about five additional persons. For the most part, the young men are behaving. Yes they have a few who were manifesting their ugly sides and hose were the ones captured by the S.O.E. to give them a time to go to prison for a pause and Mr. Dawson from L.I.U. and Mr. Cadle from Human Development is working with them to see how we can deal with the issues between them so that if or when he time comes at the expiration of the one month period and they are released that they would have come to some understanding that the foolishness that they were doing must come to an end.”

Reporter: So you wouldn’t expect that it would be extended?

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: “At this time I will not say. It is dependent on our findings at the end of the one month period.”