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Is there Contentions within the Audit Department?

Officers within the Audit Department are not happy with Auditor General, Dorothy Bradley. Love News has been informed that several officers have expressed discontent and disapproval of Bradley’s management of the department. Contentions within the Auditor General’s office have been building since last year. A letter dated May 13, 2016, and signed by 16 employees was sent to the Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry of Public Service, Dr. Peter Allen. In the letter, the disgruntled employees say that on March 9, 2016, they submitted a letter to Bradley documenting 15 staff issues. That letter reportedly went unanswered and the employees sent a follow-up letter to Bradley on April 20, 2016, asking for a meeting with her. The meeting would have focused on quote, “extreme tension, demoralization and apathy of the staff in the Office of the Auditor General.” End of quote. Another letter was sent to Dr. Allen. The letter is dated August 1 and this time it contained 11 signatures from employees. The letter states that the Bradley held a general staff meeting on July 28, 2016, however the employees make serious allegations against her. They alleged that quote, “the Auditor General, through her influence/control over the supervisors of Audit, engaged in intimidation tactics”. End of quote. According to the employees, only certain issues were discussed. They say that issues which dealt with financial concerns were not addressed. Some of the employees wanted to question Bradley as to why it was ordered that allowances for ‘transport and hazardous’ were to be removed from employees at the start of August 2016. According to the disgruntled employees, the atmosphere created by the perceived existence of restrictions prior to the meeting caused the staff to simply attend and not contribute anything. The employees have been requesting that the Ministry intervene but their requests have fallen on deaf ears. We will keep following this story.