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Island Teen Stabbed and Killed

Ambergris Caye is the singular location that continues to construct the most hotels since 2011 and holds a lion’s share of the tourism market. But crime persists on the island. Last night a nineteen year old resident of the island was killed. Love News travelled to San Pedro Town were friends say the teen was not a trouble maker and certainly did not deserve to die on the street.

Jose Sanchez: “On Wednesday night 19 year old Horace Cadle was killed less than a quarter mile from his San Pedro home that he shared with his father. The officer in charge ASP Alejandro Cowo says that Cadle was socializing with a group of men prior to his death. He was found motionless with apparent stab wounds to his body.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head of C.I.B. Belize: He was found at Blake Street San Pedro area. As a result of that Police commenced and investigation where they spoke to several persons where one of them had mentioned that he was on his way to his house and whilst passing on Blake Street he observed the male person suffering with several apparent stab wounds and he then called for Police. Mr. Horace Cadle resides on Marina Drive which is almost a quarter mile from where the incident happened. We know that he was last seen socializing with a group of male persons in the DFC area which is also almost a quarter mile from where his body was found. Police in that area have viewed several cameras and it shows that he was walking by himself. Up to this moment we can’t establish if it was one person or more than person who was involved in the stabbing death.”

Jose Sanchez: “The death came as a shock to his childhood friend who knew him as JR.”

Childhood Friend: “We grew up together and as far as I know he is not really a bad person but like what they say once you are in a bad crowd things always have to happen like that and I don’t think it was really a good thing to kill him and just throw him in the road like a dog.”

Jose Sanchez: “So he was hanging with the wrong crowd?”

Childhood Friend: “Yes that is what a lot of the boys say because things like that don’t just happen to happen right. Once you are with a crowd then I more believe it happened because of that. He was a really good person, he didn’t really get himself involved with a lot of people and he is not a person that causes a lot of problems on the road and thing.”

Jose Sanchez: “Cadle’s Mother who also wished to remain anonymous says that he paid her a surprise visit in Dangriga a week ago.”

Cadle’s Mother: He was with me last week before this tragedy happened.”

Jose Sanchez: “Did he sound as if he had anybody who was out to get him? You know sons tell their mothers what is happening in their lives.”

Cadle’s Mother: I did question him but he didn’t tell me anything that I know of, I questioned him and he did not open up to me.”

Jose Sanchez: “He never gave you indication that something was wrong or maybe somebody might have wanted to harm him.”

Cadle’s Mother: I was surprised when he reached my door because I live in Dangriga and he resides in San Pedro. Like I said I don’t reside where he resides, I know nothing about his life period. My gut feeling tells me that he knew why he went and visited all the loved ones before this came along so to my feeling he knew what was happening to him but he never expressed it to anybody.”

ASP Alejandro Cowo Head C.I.B: “There is several leads that we are following. He is a known person to Police however we have to make clear that we don’t have anything that he has been arrested for by Police but several Police has had encounters with him. Police so far has detained several persons who are in custody and who are being questioned in reference to the latest stabbing.”

Jose Sanchez: “No motive has been established for the murder of Horace Cadle Junior. Jose Sanchez Love News.”

Love News also spoke to Horace Cadle senior and he says his son was not involved in any type of illicit activities.