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Islander is charged for burglarizing Portofino Resort on San Pedro

San Pedro Police have arrested and charged 33-year-old Israel Murillos for burglary. Murillos was detained following the burglary of Portofino Resort located at six and a half Miles North of San Pedro Town over the weekend.  The Manager of the resort, Raul Rodriguez told police that on Sunday morning between one and two o’clock, someone broke into the main office. Two safes containing sixteen thousand dollars in US and Belize dollars were stolen. The police launched an immediate investigation and quickly detained Murillos, who lives in the area. Nine thousand dollars which they suspect is a portion of the money that was stolen from the resort, were recovered. They also found the 2 safes not far from where Murillos was detained. Authorities believe he acted alone as surveillance footage showed only one person committing the crime. ASP Alejandro Cowo, the head of the Crimes Investigation Branch in Belize City says that the resort is located in a vulnerable area on the island where other businesses have been targeted as well.