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Islander missing for twelve days

The family of Clarence Lorenzo Brown Junior is seeking the public’s assistance in locating him. The 25-year-old was last seen on Wednesday June 13 at around one o’clock in the afternoon driving a red motorcycle in San Pedro Ambergris Caye. The family has not seen him since and fear his disappearance may be linked to him having witnessed a murder on the island. We spoke with a family member Isabela Brakeman over the phone.

Isabella Brakeman Family Member: We are not sure what happen to him or where his or where about but we are trying to search for him.

Dalilah Ical: When did the family see him alive?

Isabella Brakeman Family Member: The last time we saw him was last week which is right now its twelve days and this Wednesday will make it two weeks.

Dalilah Ical: And mam is this the first time Mr. Brown has been missing so long?

Isabella Brakeman Family Member: Yes it is.

Dalilah Ical: where was he last seen?

Isabella Brakeman Family Member: He was last seen by Casa Picasso by Bowen & Bowen at the back street here in San Pedro.

Dalilah Ical:  I understand he was seen on a motorcycle.

Isabella Brakeman Family Member: The cycle is for my husband so we find the cycle this Saturday.

Dalilah Ical: Was it abandoned?

Isabella Brakeman Family Member: Yes it was; two people who saw him, the other one said that two males put him on a golf cart, he went on a Tropicana golf cart.

Dalilah Ical: and this was in the same area where the Motorcycle was found?

Isabella Brakeman Family Member: Yes the same area.

Dalilah Ical: Is there any reason the family believes that he may have encountered some trouble?

Isabella Brakeman Family Member: So far our family members know about he witnessed a murder here in front of his job that happened recently so he went to Belize City and just came back for evening out here so he is a witness of a murder out here so maybe it has connection with him missing.

Dalilah Ical: Is Mr. Brown Known to have problems with other people or is really just this one situation that this family suspects is behind it?

Isabella Brakeman Family Member: Yes just this first time, he does give trouble without knowing somebody who give trouble and he always take a little drink and that’s it.


The family is offering a reward of one thousand dollars to anyone who can help with information that can lead to his whereabouts. The family can be contacted cellular numbers 631- 8028 or 607- 7394.