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It is a political gimmick?

In its annual Review Proceeding for the BWS the Public Utilities Commission announced yesterday that has made its first proposal with regards to water rates. The PUC is proposing for a 6.39% decrease on water rates. It’s not the final decision but the announcement alone will give hope to Belizeans that it might be a possibility. The announcement comes one month before the municipal elections so PUC Chairman John Avery was asked if this was a political gimmick.


 “There is a bylaw that tells the commission how it’s supposed to conduct these rate reviews. That bylaw sets the date for decisions to be made, it sets the parameters to guide how we determine the rates, it has nothing to with the bylaws, nothing to do with when elections are set. BEL’s rate review will start in April that is set by law. I mean you have seen in the past that the changes to rates for BEL has depended on the outlook has been far more significant than for water. There is no political anything there, it is what is required by law.”

As we said yesterday, objections can be made to the PUC’s proposal by February 14.